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Rainbow Hakodate Project (RHP)

​Rainbow Hakodate Project (RHP) is a non-profit organization working to build an LGBTQ+-friendly community in Hakodate, Japan.

Show Your True Colors 2020 @ Hakodate Tsutaya Shoten​ on Nov. 28&29, 2020!!
LGBT Piroshki-making Workshop vol. 7 @ Marutama Square on Jan. 26, 2020!!
Rainbow Hakodate Theatre vol. 1 愛と法(OF LOVE & LAW) and talk session "Let's talk about marriage for all!" @ Hokkaido University of Education Hakodate Campus on Jan. 25, 2020!!
Hakodate Rainbow Socks on The Nihon Keizai Shimbun (Dec. 26, 2019)
Hakodate Rainbow Socks on The Mainichi Shimbun (Dec. 22, 2019)
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